Monday, August 8, 2011

Generous And Humanitarian

"Liberals love to strike generous, humanitarian poses with other people's lives."

Ann Coulter

One of the most prolific political writers of our time, and most comprehensive researchers, Miss Coulter puts out information that is very hard to debate.

Reading what she has to say on so many myths - like evolution, Senator McCarthy, liberal generosity, stem-cell research, conservative fascism, you name it - her documentation, fact checking, and forceful presentation makes an air-tight case.

Take the current budget battle. Liberalism unchecked has run up debt and taken over debt (housing, student loans) at break-neck speed. During that time, because they didn't want the transparency, no budgets were ever decided upon. Who cares that a lack of a budget is illegal.

What happened instead? Every time they got to the spending "limit" (what's the definition of the word limit?) they simply increased it! Who needs a budget when you can spend without LIMITS?

Of course, laughably, the debt is all blamed on Bush. And it is laughable! But the press will play along.

Now suddenly we must have a budget! Why? Really, why? Why not continue to take generous, humanitarian poses with the lives of our children, grandchildren and the yet to be born? REALLY, WHY NOT?

This is what nobody is saying. Employing the financial 72 rule - at 7% growth the debt doubles every 10 years. That means that the spending up until now, before health care and the rest of it, will QUADRUPLE by the time my grandson, born last October, reaches age 21 and begins his employed life.

At that time, guess who won't be working. A huge, meaning HUGE, sector of the working public now known as The Baby Boomers. This group will want its money, investment, contributions back! Who will provide it all? That's right, a smaller group.

Good luck with that.

THAT is screwing around with other people's lives. And not in a good way. But it is so very generous and humanitarian!

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