Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No Free Lunch Today

There is no more appropriate idea that flows from the free-thinking, economic mind of Milton Friedman then the idea that there is no free lunch.

If you think somebody else is responsible to buy your food for you, vote Dem. You can apply this in any of the various contexts floating around today - you name it, housing, "health" care, banking, auto production, unlimited spending, borrowing from three generations hence, your Hover 'Round, pharmaceuticals - and it goes on, you name it. If you think these things are all "free lunches" to be provided you by somebody else (read that THE GUBMENT) - vote Dem!

You can vote that way, but this country will not survive. It is UNSUSTAINABLE.

What we will all be paying for these "free lunches" will be very, very dear. And we will never get it back...

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