Saturday, September 3, 2011

On The Taxpayers' Backs

"There is far more danger in public than in private monopoly, for when government goes into business it can always shift its losses to the taxpayer."

Thomas Edison

That was said in the early 1900's when the public (read that government, or my word "gubment") was not so much involved in taking over business as it is today!

When gubment takes over the auto industry, or banking, or school loans, or mortgages, or investment banking, or "health" care, or WHATEVER the business, it is ALWAYS on the backs of the taxpayers.

Gubment produces nothing! It earns interest on nothing. It grows nothing. Anything, that is anything, it derives in any fashion, is from the taxpayers from whom it must take the money.

Loss is the common measure of gubment control of anything. Its loss, however, as Mr. Edison suggests, is hidden in fiscal policy. And in the end it doesn't work.

Who learned that lesson the hard way? One of the biggest BIG government people in history. The most notable fascist of all - Adoph Hitler.

P.s. Conservatives are NEVER fascists, in any regard. And those who throw that charge around are basically and fundamentally uninformed. As usual...

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