Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Are We Rome?

"Whether ancient or modern, monarch or republic, coin or paper, each nation descends pretty much the same slippery slope, expanding government to address perceived needs, accumulating too much debt, and then repudiating its obligations by destroying its currency."

James Turk and John Rubino

If you study economic history, this lesson is repetitive and redundant. Currencies are slowly devalued and then destroyed.

The result? Economic stagnation, hyper-inflation (as too many dollars go about chasing too few goods and services produced), unemployment and high interest rates.

Why is this lesson never learned?

Are we smarter, better educated, more informed or simply more modern than past societies that their lessons don't need to be learned again?

Ostensibly we pass family values to our children so each generation does not need to keep re-learning the same lessons over and over. How come we don't seem to learn, or want to learn, from history?

We are dug into a hole now that mathematically we cannot get out of. What we have done to ourselves simply has to be repudiated and changed back to what got us here and not what will destroy our society from here.

If you study the history of Rome you see many frightful comparisons to us and our world. Much of our society is based on Roman ideas! Are we Rome? It looks to me as if we are trying real hard to be.

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