Friday, October 14, 2011

Is A Factory A Temple?

"The man who builds a factory, builds a temple."

Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933)

This is the same president who said that the business of business is business. And he got the gubment out of the way.

If gubments could create jobs, they would all over the world!
If gubments could lower profit margins, they would all over the world!
If gubments could regulate more efficiency and production, they would all over the world!

But alas. They cannot.

But they can stultify business activity with stupidly onerous regulation, and tax policies, and quota demands, and benefit package requirements.

But what is this temple thing Mr. Coolidge brings up?

What is a temple? It is a sacred place of worship. It is comprised of the best materials to honor the Deity it announces. It is intended to last. It is an attractive place for people to come, and feel, and grow and progress personally.

A factory is a temple?

It is insofar as it employs capital and people in ways that cause growth.

A factory is the essence of capitalism. It is capital! It is able to make things more efficiently and with less effort. In greater numbers. With greater economies of scale. With greater quality control. In ways that gain ultimate advantage over those who do not employ such capital.

In doing so, it employs people. Who come to contribute and earn. Who improve their own economic lot with livelihood and participation. Who could not otherwise utilize their skills, or develop their lack of skills, to where they are able to do these things to gain in an economy that is designed for such growth and development.

And as this factory/employee interaction gets more efficient and grows, more profits are derived that can be used to grow further, and employ more people, and improve production to serve a broader economic segment more cheaply and quickly.


Do you know what the definition of "windfall profits" is? These are profits earned without doing anything to earn them. Kind of like gubment tax policy, which intends to take more and more of the entrepreneur's labor and sweat.

The only entity in society that derives WINDFALL PROFITS from anything in any way, is not the evil corporation, or corporate owner, or provider of the corporation's product, but the gubment itself.

And the gubment erects NO temples. It tears 'em down!

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