Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Working To Improve

"Even as government dominates the headlines, private entrepreneurs are busy every day working to improve products and services that improve our lives. They do it without taxing us or regulating us, or making us suffer through tedious elections or political debates. They make their products and offer them to us in a way that pleases the consuming public the most. We can choose whether we want them or not."

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

And when one of these entrepreneurs dies, and is extolled for his contributions, then, and only then, is he mentioned by anyone in government as having made a contribution!

Prior to that were all the interactions between the entrepreneur and gubment:

(and this likely applies to all the great entrepreneurs and their private interactions with politicians)

  • The gubment tells the entrepreneur how great he is for the country, but then goes about preventing and restricting that entrepreneur's ability to do what he wants.
  • The entrepreneur tells the gubment it is out of line and "unfriendly to business."

What did the entrepreneur mean when he used the word "business?"

He meant entrepreneurial ability to function freely.
He meant entrepreneurial ability to design, develop, produce and distribute.
He meant entrepreneurial ability to profit from those products and services, and employ those profits in ways that allows for hiring and growth and more design, development, production and distribution.
He meant entrepreneurial ability to maneuver in a climate without unions stifling and stultifying his business.


So, re-read the quote above. You want jobs? Where should gubment's focus lie? How about letting the economy perform free-market economics?

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