Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Legs Good, Four Legs Bad

"The way to crush the bourgeois is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation."

Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov (AKA Nicholai Lenin) 
1870 - 1924

First, we have to define a couple of words.

The word bourgeois, for Lenin, was to help him define society into three players - the workers, the exploiters and HIM.

An exploitative bourgeois did not simply describe the fat, mean, selfish, sloppy, gluttonous man, with money dropping from his pockets and blood dripping from the club he used to keep everyone in his factory working 19 hours a day.  The bourgeois also included the single shop keeper, a baker, or accountant, or business manager.

(The other two players were proletariats, or workers, and HIM.  If you were like HIM, it was important to do everything he said.  One had to truly be like HIM.  Then you could join his party...  In the end, this group really was the exploitative fat, mean, selfish, sloppy and gluttonous, which Orwell characterized in his book Animal Farm as the pigs.)

Second, we need to define inflation.

Inflation is gubment policy!  And so for a number of reasons, the biggest being that gubment derives the most benefit from it. 

How?  First and foremost, the currency becomes further devalued (sound familiar?) such that the national debt is easier to pay off.  The national debt is BORROWED and as the currency becomes cheaper it is easier to keep the scheme going.  While this seems like it will end in economic doom, this has been the gubment's policy for decades.  Very Keynesian, you know...

Second, inflation gives the APPEARANCE of economic "growth."  Economic growth does not necessarily mean economic health!  Was wealth really being accumulated during the real estate boom?  No you say?  You mean that wealth wasn't health?  Those soaring "values" did improve the gubment coffers though!  Didn't it?  Sales taxes, property taxes - you name it.  Why, they needed to hire more people to handle it all! GROWTH!  Which, by the way, builds in future taxes, that do not go away when the "wealth" evaporates.

Third, inflation is a built-in, hidden tax.  Notice how 45% of our family budgets (energy and food) is mysteriously excluded from the gubment's inflation statistic?  Is this a mere oversight?  The gubment says these two things are very "volatile," and therefore not accurate indicators.  What thinkest you?  When the basic family budget is strained because of those two things that really aren't' getting more expensive, don't you know, it is NOT inflation.  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

So, inflation allows the spending scheme to stay afloat, our economy is getting "bigger," and, as people are pushed into higher tax brackets, more taxes are collected without passing new tax laws!  How cool is that!

So, when you hear how we must "PAY" for ever-burgeoning gubment, and borrowing for that can ONLY come from TAXES, remember, remember, remember, brothers and sisters, Vlad's statement - THAT IS HOW YOU CRUSH AND TAKE OVER.

And control.  Two legs good, four legs bad.


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