Saturday, August 4, 2012

Appreciation For Work

My daughter is a hostess (among the other jobs she does) at this Chick Fil-A.

Her boss, "Mr. Mike," hired her to help him create RAVING FANS.  He does not want patrons, he wants raving fans to come back and come back and come back.

The other day was Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day.  My daughter was scheduled to work.  The previous evening they called her to work a couple more hours than usual.  She agreed.

Before the store opened for breakfast the line was crazy!  They ran out of breakfast stuff around 10am (and they had more breakfast food stocked up than normal).

Going in just after breakfast ended, my daughter had the time of her life.

Because of her personality she was asked to hostess.  It would not be easy.  The place was PACKED, inside and out.
She worked very hard.
She was such a fine hostess people actually gave her tips!
She knew dozens of the people who came in.
She had invited friends and many, many showed up.
She saw families come in for lunch, and then, later, again for dinner.
She had her picture taken with many patrons.
She did things for people they did not expect she would do.
She could not believe how many people showed up.
She has a better understanding of how the market can overcome political funny business by people who don't think that she, or what she does, represents "American values."
She learned what it takes to be a producer.
She said she has no idea why somebody would not want to work for a living.
She had a very good time!
She made huge dollars!  (it's all relative...)
She came home, after they literally had to throw people out of the store, very tired!
She came home VERY SATISFIED.
She may not have been as happy as our dog, Jenny, who is happiest when the entire pack is together.
She went right to bed.

A few days ago she texted me from work asking to "plz, plz, plz" buy tickets and take her to the Batman movie at midnight that night.  That was at 930pm or so.  I was still working on inspection reports!  I did not finish work until 1045 that evening, after 15 1/2 hours of work that day.  She made arrangements to meet a group of friends there too!

So, being the easy blob to manipulate that I am, we went.  We did not get home until 330am.  I had my first inspection the next day at 8am.

Did she care?  Well, no.  She wanted to see Batman and could sleep in!

Last night I asked her if she would go with me to a midnight movie.  "OK!  Wait, I have to work tomorrow!"

We didn't go.

I think Chick Fil-A Appreciation Day gave her a new appreciation for many things.


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