Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buy Your Twinkies Now

"Modern 'public health' initiatives have moved well beyond what could reasonably be classified as public goods. Today government undertakes all sorts of policies in the name of public health that are aimed at regulating personal behavior."

Radley Balko
Libertarian Journalist

When the world "public" is used, it means gubment.

While the populace is the public, "public" policies and programs - public school, public health care, public welfare, public defender, public servant - you name it, all mean gubment.

Think carefully about which gubment programs are not, in the end, about control.

If it is "Constitutional" to force (mandate) everyone to "buy" health care, it is similarly, THEREFORE, "Constitutional" to force (mandate) everyone to buy Twinkies.  And if that is "Constitutional," it must also be true that the gubment has the "self evident" ability to force (mandate) that everyone NOT buy Twinkies.

How do they do that?  Taxes and edict!  It's okay in at least one city to date to buy three small sodas, but one cannot buy one big one.  Edict!  These edicts have come forth for a long time - smoking rules, trans-fats, coconut oil in popcorn, fried foods in hospitals, certain light bulbs - I'm probably missing a few.

Next sights are set on popcorn itself, milkshakes, vending machine candy, all fried foods, meal calorie counts and milk-coffee products.

Given enough time, the only thing left to eat will be soylent green.

But, keep in mind, we must, MUST I tell you, proliferate needles to addicts, condoms and birth control pills to children, and abortion on demand (even for minors whose parents must NOT be told).

As I said, it is NOT about public health.  It IS about control.

In case you haven't heard, there is the urban legend that Twinkies will last forever.  So, obviously, now is the time to stock up.  Buy, buy, buy!  The day is soon to come when you won't be able to!  Honestly, which would you rather eat - Twinkies or soylent green?  And don't believe those who say that longevity legend isn't true.  It simply has to be...

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