Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mandate The Family Business!

"If somehow everyone was made to begin and manage their own business, statism would have no hold and socialism would die."
JayThe Home Inspector

And people should begin young!

I started my first business at 13!  In print shop at school I printed my own business cards - Jay's Lawn Care Services.  My business differed in that in addition to mowing I would edge!  Those are the days when edgers were glorified hand-held scissors!  And I could charge a little more because I did a little more!

At the same time I delivered the morning paper, got golf balls out of lakes and sold them back to the golfers and flipped hamburgers at Burger Chef.  To do that required that I ride my bike everywhere to get it done, but I did.  So, I have always been self employed!

IMAGINE any society where, in addition to their "regular" jobs, people were to also have their own businesses?

What if that was gubment mandate?! 

What incentive could the gubment use to induce such a practice?


Do you think that would ever happen?  I don't either, but IMAGINE it!

This could be the local TV news story:  "Dateline Washington:  today is Labor Day Monday and marks the 236th anniversary of Occupy My Street.  A truly grassroots movement beginning in colonial times, people all over our land have come to celebrate their own businesses by setting up tables and booths dotting every square inch of Lafayette Park across from the White House.  The entire Mall between the Capitol Building and Washington Monument is similarly populated!  Like a business expo, folks have come from all over to promote their goods and services, demonstrating their wares and taking orders.  At lunch time the sandwich ladies showed up selling their homemade sandwiches, scones and cupcakes by the hundreds!  (a quick interview with a smiling sandwich lady with a fist full of money)  And why not?  There are millions of people here!  These celebratory business expos are being held in many thousands of parks all over the country.  The rest of the year these enterprising Americans go quietly about their personal businesses.  For some this small business represents huge chunk of the family income!  But on this Monday, every year, they get together to demonstrate their free enterprise natures and show what it takes to manage a personal business and engage in voluntary exchange.  Doing so, and keeping 100% of their profits, generates billions of dollars annually available for discretionary spending, paying family bills and investment.  And doing so, obviously, keeps our economy well oiled and smoothly moving along.  I think I want a sandwich!  Back to you Iggie!"

You say I'm dreaming!  Yes, maybe I am!  BUT ...

I ask - would it be "greedy" of Americans to work in this fashion and keep what profits they earn?
I ask - would anyone so striving, and as they get better at succeeding, in their own free enterprise business be interested in the paltry "benefits" of gubment designed to keep them poor and dependent, even for generations?
I ask - would there be an entitlement mentality?  Would a political party derive any power from trying to create an entitlement mentality and thereby garner votes toward insuring that mentality's development and maintenance?
I ask - would people be setting up tents, trashing parks and living in filth to protest the "greed" of the American family business?
I ask - would the statists be able to take hold?  Would the wondrous promises of socialism ever have a chance?  COULD they?

The answer to all those questions is not apparent.  It is, let's find the word -- axiomatic?  Blatantly obvious?  Manifest?  How about palpable?  Certainly any of those words apply.

The only way to combat the dregs of socialism is to GET TO WORK.

The only way to promote free enterprise is to create an environment in which people GET TO WORK.

Certainly they would pay the sandwich lady because there would be no free lunch...


  1. This article inspired me. I learned so many things that Whatever you think for your dreams you can do it by hard work and achieve your position easily.

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  2. I am glad you enjoyed it Ady. The government cannot create jobs. It can, however, through policy, encourage an environment conducive to the creation of jobs.

    Stop by again!

  3. like the idea..i am glad to come up with this.thanks you share it.plastic business cards.

  4. Thank you for stopping by Waseem!