Wednesday, October 2, 2013

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch?

In economics it is said there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Well, there might just be such a thing as free college courses!

In past years Hillsdale College of Michigan, founded 1844, has offered free on-line courses on the United States Constitution.

Yes, they were free!  And they are still offered if you want to take them.  I HIGHLY recommend them!

I have said for a long time that before people can vote they must pass an annual test on the U.S. Constitution.  While perhaps tongue in cheek, there is a lot of truth there.  Why should people ignorant as to what the country is about, and how the country works, actually vote for somebody to "run" the country?

In a previous post I quoted George Bernard Shaw who said, "a people has the government it deserves."

But I digress.

As to the post at hand, Hillsdale College is continuing its on-line education classes with a series on economics.  It is called, simply, Economics 101.


I think you should!  One thing that is woefully misunderstood, and few understand at all, is economics.  On thing that few have studied in this country is economics!

That is why the gubment can get away with so much economically-damaging stuff without a complete uprising!  And "they," the ever-present "they," know it.

Economics 101 has 10 classes, and each is only 40 minutes long.  You can take the classes at your leisure.

The topics are:

  • Free Market Economics And The American Founding
  • How Markets Work
  • Understanding Demand
  • Supply And Equilibrium
  • The Role Of Profit
  • Incentive And The "Information Problem"
  • Keynesianism And Macroeconomics
  • Monetary Theory
  • Case Study:  The Great Recession 
  • Restoring Economic Liberty

The classes are taught by Hillsdale College President Dr. Larry P. Arnn (Claremont College and the London School of Economics) and Dr. Gary Wolfram (University of California, Berkeley).

The classes will be taught from a free-enterprise point of view.  From an individual freedom point of view.  From a free-market-capitalist point of view.  From a founding principles of the United States point of view.  That is expressly understood in the first class.

Taking Economics 101 you will have a better understanding of my free-enterprise posts!  And my personal economics bent.

Remember, this is a beginning class!  You can always go on from there!   Maybe your interest will be piqued and you will follow on and study more because of a particular class.

Economics 101 offered on line by Hillsdale College is my recommendation.

Now you're going to say there IS such a thing as a free lunch?

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