Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Why Do "They" Expect Different Results?

"American bureaucrats are no better than those of any other nationality when it comes to making socialism work.  It can't be done."

Paul L. Poirot (1915-2006)

Not yet anyway!

And why not?  Is Dr. Poirot's statement that "it can't be done" correct?

What are socialism's hallmarks?

  • Control.  The Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart take from one to give to another, yet not taking from themselves.  In fact, the Wizards GIVE to themselves!  Even after nothing is left.
  • It operates in contravention to the natural tendency of all people - the desire for freedom and the free will to act for oneself.
  • Thinking to bureaucratically control a vastly complex market or system which is entirely capable of controlling itself perfectly.  No bureaucrat can possibly control all of the jillions of activities it takes to efficiently distribute goods and services.
  • Force.  When the "masses" don't buckle under they have to be forced to buckle under.
  • Shoving whatever is "best" for the "masses" down the "masses" throats, when the "masses" want no part of it.  Think, um, "affordable" "health" care?
  • Socialism's bureaucracy is layered with more bureaucracy, on top of complexity, then heaped with  vaunted praise, all of which only the Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart can understand.  Do they really understand it?  Well, no!  But don't look at the man behind the curtain, or you will be labeled extremist and lunatic.  Do they demand praise?  Well, yes!  Of course!  "They" are Wonderfully Smart!
I suppose we could go on.  And on.  And on, ad nauseum.

Since, historically, socialism does not, and cannot, work, why is it so popular among the statists?  Well, aside from the fact that they ARE statists, that is.

Because, obviously, the Statist Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart are so smart, and immeasurably so, that they think their "new" ideas simply have not been tried before by the right people!  No wonder it hasn't succeeded!  The right people have not been implementing it!  Why wouldn't everyone want to enjoy the "NEW" ways of the New Elite Wonderfully Smart Statists!?  Each time a "new" Wonderfully Smart Wizard comes along, we are all told how smart they are, why, dontchaknow, they are the smartest to have EVER come along!

And anyone who doesn't buy that, especially if they are trying to convince people otherwise, well, they are just stupid.  And held up publicly as stupid.  Why, I can name a few American STUPIDS in just the past 20 or 30 years - "stupid" all!  Oh, and don't forget the dunces.

The Wizards Of Smart are just the right people at just the right time.

And who are the "right" people at just the right time?  The Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart!

And who appointed them the Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart?

The Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart did!

You see how this works?

There is no evidence that they are smart; there is no previous demonstration of successfully implementing smartness; there is no new idea; there is no simplicity (smart is usually deceptively simple); yadda, yadda.

But there is the PROCLAMATION of all that!  And from whom do such proclamations come?  The Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart!

And we are to think we have been blessed by, well, such Wonderful Smartness!  And shame, shame on us if we don't...

But think - do the people in socialist societies have their standards of living raised?  Do new inventions and innovations come from their people?  Is wealth created?  Do they lead the world in whatever the field?  How about rich and new poetry, music, art, intellect, scholarship, science, medical breakthroughs, you name it - is any of this offered to the world in abundance?  Are the people who live there happy?

Are boatloads of people escaping the rest of the world to go to these Wonderfully Smart realms of Happy and Wondrous Smartness?

It seems to me that conditions are created to keep the lucky people IN the realms of Happy and Wondrous Smartness and prevent them from getting OUT!

Gee, why is that?  Who wouldn't want to be with, live with, and mimic the Wizards Of Wonderfully Smart?

Why do we in America, founded on the exact opposite of all this, continue to move toward and have socialism forced upon us?  Since it's so Wonderfully Smart...

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