Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Enterpise Is Not Unrestrained Intervention And Regulation

"Fortunately, political freedom and economic progress are natural partners.  Despite capitalism's lingering reputation as the source of all the world's evils, the fact remains that every single democracy is a capitalist country.  Half a century of economic experimentation proved beyond doubt that tyranny cannot yield prosperity. ... Socialism collapsed because it is a policy of unrestrained intervention.  It tries to fix what is 'wrong' with the spontaneous, self-organizing phenomenon called capitalism.  But, of course, a natural process cannot be 'fixed.' ... Socialism is an ideology. Capitalism is a natural phenomenon."

Michael Rothschild

Isn't it common that the people causing the worlds' economic woes would blame the worlds' problems on what would cure them?

Well, they have to!  They must defend the ideology!

The template is set.  The printer's block is etched and permanent.  There will be no changes.

Never mind that the socialist ideology hasn't worked, isn't working now, and will never work.  They would simply say that conditions have not been "right" before.  Or the "right" people haven't been there to implement it properly.  Or it hasn't been done in the "right" way.  

So they have to try again.  And then again.  What else can they do?  What's left for them to do?  (no pun intended)

Why is it that capitalism, or free enterprise, or free-market economics - pick your term - is always found in societies where democracy is the dominant thinking?

Why is economic growth found in societies where democracy is the dominant thinking? 

Why are standards of living continually improving for the greatest number of people in societies where democracy is the dominant thinking?

The answer is simple, to all of those questions.  Free enterprise eschews control!  The CONTROL in free enterprise is, as Rothschild says, a "spontaneous, self-organizing phenomenon."

Statists cannot, SIMPLY CANNOT, have that!

To the degree that communities of people can self organize closes out opportunity for the "ORGANIZERS!"


A community organizer, and the thinking of such a one, is that self organization is simply wrong.  It is a wrong that needs to be fixed.  It must not be allowed to stand.  It needs to be "transformed."  And transformed by "the one!"

Transform means to reorganize something's shape into something differently shaped!  To go beyond it's present form!

Capitalism, free enterprise, free markets, and the like will always be around.  Why?  Because, as they are natural phenomenon, they have always existed!

Socialism, statism, community organization - again, pick your term - is someone's thinking.  It is not something that has always existed naturally.  Which is why it must be forced onto people with laws and regulations.  It must be forced into the thinking of little ones so they grow up with the thinking that it is truly natural.  And forced little by little, some freedom removed over here, some free thinking not allowed over there.  This word controlled, that word controlled, and this thought, and then that thought.  History is revised to fit into the "right" way of thinking.  Thought and speech given a highway, an approved highway, from which they cannot, MUST NOT, vary.

And viola!  We have utopia!  "Utopia" brought about by unrestrained intervention and regulation.

Such utopia is pure pap.  Empty, vacuous, desolate, hollow, vain, worthless and meaningless pap.



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