Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Free Enterprise Encourages Everyone To Set And Achieve High Goals!

"The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving it."

Michelangelo (1475-1564)

This defines the human experience.

Some of us want to strive, and achieve, and learn, and grow, and progress, and provide, and earn, and experience, and fail, and fail again, and then succeed.

Some of us want none of that.  Some want life to happen to them, to unfold for them, to bring riches, to provide their wishes, to have the very best, and all when they want it to happen.  If it comes at the expense of another, or because of the work of another, or at the mercy of another -- the better!

Michelangelo sees danger in the latter regard.

But what does he mean by danger?  

Think about our society.  In our "compassion" for others, would Michelangelo see:
  • danger in an ever-growing group that expects to receive from another ever-shrinking group?
  • danger in "free" stuff provided by gubment?  (you name your stuff)
  • danger in people thinking that what belongs to another really belongs to them?
  • danger in an entitlement mentality?
  • danger in a larger group that gets than gives?
  • danger in groups that set goals so low they not only don't achieve much, but never change?
  • danger in funded groups that derive power and control by organizing that thinking?
  • danger in a political group that derives its power and control by organizing that thinking?
  • danger in a gubment that promotes such thinking as "charitable" and "patriotic?"
Read his quote again.  What do you think?

If Michelangelo was the genius so many recognize him to be, what does this say about where our "advanced" society and its "leaders" are now?  How did Michelangelo set his goals?  Were they high or low?  Was his genius expressed in a narrow or broad sense?  There were huge political and religious statements made in his work, particularly the Sistine Chapel, intended to fly in the face of what was going on around him.  Did he shrink from making those statements?  Was he proud to display his accomplishments?

Free enterprise wants everyone to set, and achieve, high goals.  That is how it works!  Success in free enterprise comes in magnifying ones' talents and offerings, growing in importance, popularity, and achievement.  And free enterprise wants this tide to raise all boats.  Michelangelo would see no danger here!

Free Enterprise Encourages Everyone 
To Set And Achieve High Goals!

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