Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The World Is Sick. Free Enterprise Is The Cure.

"The answer is free enterprise. Our economic system is what keeps Americans employed, clothed, housed, and nourished. That system makes it possible for every American to attain his or her dream of material or spiritual wealth. It truly makes ours the land of opportunity."

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr.

That first sentence, "The answer is free enterprise," could be THE answer to so many questions!

Pickens, a free-enterprise entrepreneur if there ever was one, states a few of the unasked questions in the quote.

What's the best way to employ Americans?  (Or anybody)  The answer is free enterprise.
What's the best way to clothe Americans?  (Or anybody)  The answer is free enterprise.
What's the best way to house Americans?   (Or anybody)  The answer is free enterprise.
What's the best way to nourish Americans?   (Or anybody)  The answer is free enterprise.


If it has to do with the positive and progressive development of societies in particular and in general "the answer is free enterprise."

The deriders of capitalism and free enterprise deride it with such phraseology as "unbridled capitalism," "unrestrained capitalism," "unfair," "fat capitalists getting rich off the backs of the poor," "cronyism," "good old boys club," "obscene profits," "materialistic," "money hungry," "trickle-down economics," "a new tyranny," "dehumanizing," "exclusive," "unequal," "unethical," "fat cats," "monopoly" and "monopolistic..."   These and other creative, but misapplied, terms go on and on.

The anti-capitalists are always coming up with new derisive names.  Name calling is a sure sign of weakness.

  •  Free enterprise is voluntary!  
  •  Free enterprise does not compel!  
  •  Free enterprise sees to it that people, that is consumers and users of goods and services, come first!
  •  Free enterprise defends rights, and private property, and intellectual property, and contracts!  
  •  Free enterprise punishes the scammers, the thieves, the lawless, and the fraud.
  •  Free enterprise works!
Compare free enterprise to the other economic systems that have cropped up throughout history.  How does it compare?  How do these wondrous other "market-managing" systems stack up against free enterprise's efficient and productive Invisible Hand?  The other systems are all left, to use the immortal Reagan words, to the "trash heap of history."

There is no such thing as unbridled or unrestrained capitalism.  Gubments have always intervened and always will.  Ours is a society governed by the rule of law, at least it should be.  Law that is not imposed tyrannically, but fairly, balanced, blindly and beneficially.

But the Invisible Hand of the market place will weed out the cheaters.  And very effectively.

Yet gubments, and the tyrannical, and the dictatorial, and the statists, and those who want to CONTROL, all keep going back to socialism, and back to socialism, and back to socialism, ad nauseum, because?  Because the new proponents of socialism think they are smarter than all those who have tried it before and failed.  The new proponents are wizards and wonders.  They will try it again.  They will not give up.

And what is the definition of insanity?

Ayn Rand referred to capitalism and free-market economics as "the unknown ideal."  Perhaps unknown, but certainly worth striving for and achieving! 

Look around the world and the disease, the laziness, the utter and unbelievable poverty, the dirty water, the unkempt and untapped natural resources, the waste, the lack of productivity, the ignorance, the hopelessness of masses of people -- should I go on?

The world is sick.  Free enterprise is the cure.

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