Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Free Enterprise Multiplies Opportunities That Are Created And Seized

"Opportunities multiply when they are seized."

Sun Tzu (544BC - 496BC)

Short and sweet.  From the Chinese war strategist and tactician whose wisdom and brilliance is so often demonstrated in his brevity.

If free enterprise is anything, it is about seizing opportunity.

The battle cry of free enterprise could be Carpe Commodum!

That would mean Seize the Opportunity!

Free enterprise is about finding out what you like to do and do well.  Or developing a technique or product that can be marketed or advanced in its own niche.  And making opportunities happen as personal or others money and reputation are put at risk.

And then, according to Sun Tzu, multiplying those opportunities as other avenues and vistas appear. 

A big part of free enterprise is taking advantage of opportunities and seeing what is coming.  And taking advantage of what things are seen coming!  Anticipation.

Opportunities multiply as one product idea leads to another, or new markets are opened up, or contagion spreads as marketing brings the product to light and new areas become rife for sales, or new people are met and employed as the business expands.  Success breeds success. 

Almost every industry has what seems to be "the way it has always been."  But that way began somewhere at sometime with a risky idea that was developed and implemented.  And then "that way" caught on.  It grew into expectation.  And then dependence.

Now, all this is the bright side of free enterprise!  The dark side can be very dark indeed.  There is so much at risk - personal wealth, personal reputation, personal property, personal everything.  Failure is certainly more common than exploding success! 

We see the fine print at the bottom of the TV screen when some good or service is advertised, and it says something about results not being "typical."  Well, for sure!  People are not equal in their ability to do, or see, or feel, or hear.  Not all are equally motivated, or supported, or visionary.  Results can vary in as many ways as there are those trying to achieve the same goal.

And try as it might, gubment cannot legislate equality in any of those things.  Gubment cannot create a business environment that throws a failure lifesaver to those sinking, not swimming.  Gubment can and should stay out of the way as much as it can, thus providing a tax, legal and regulatory environment that is conducive, not damaging, to free enterprise.  One size does not fit all.  "The same whatever" cannot be applied to every business entity across the board.  Stiff rules, intrusive overreach, and crushing regulation that all must obey can be more stultifying than helpful.  And usually is! 

Business competition is much like war.  There will always be a king of the mountain, and others who want to bring that king down.  Change and adaptation are necessary.  Opportunity must be created and seized.  And those opportunities will lead to others, which lead, again, to more. 

Free enterprise multiplies opportunities 
that are created and seized.

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