Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Free Enterprise Is Founded Upon And Created By Freedom

Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.   

Albert Einstein  (1879-1955)

Einstein was visiting the United States in 1933 when Hitler came into power.  At that time many of the people of Germany thought their new Chancellor was a clown and a joke who would not get very far or be around for very long.  They were wrong.

Einstein read a different writing on the wall and was smart enough not to return to Germany, settled in the United States, and became a naturalized citizen in 1940.  Many German scientists fled Germany as well.  They had lost their civil service jobs, including teaching in universities.  Despite the huge brain drain it would cause, the new anti-Semitic laws forced them out of their jobs.  It's said that Germany lost 25% of its theoretical physicists, either through the legally-imposed exodus or because they left voluntarily and out of fear.  Some had to flee with nothing but their minds.

They, too, saw the same writing on the wall as Einstein and left seeking freedom.  It is interesting that few in politics saw what these scientists did. 

Freedom?  They left to seek freedom?  These were creative people!  They were well aware that it is a free society that produces an atmosphere conducive to creativity, and the development of intellectual property safe from tyrannical hands.  

Hence the quote above.

A free market is just as important to intellectual property as it is to any form of property and private ownership.  Private property is as integrated with freedom and free markets as it is with anything.  It forms the very basis of freedom.  

And economic freedoms are aligned and integrated with private property in all its forms as they are with anything.  They cannot exist without private property.

Free enterprise spurs free thinking, and creativity, and societal advancement.  

Free enterprise is founded upon and created by freedom.

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