Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Unnatural To Feed The Animals

"It is impossible to maintain a free society when more and more people look to the state to provide what Americans used to provide for themselves."

Warren Pollock

It is said that one of the many good reasons the gubment has signs at national parks asking patrons to NOT to feed animals is that the animals will begin to see humans as a food source and expect the food.  As this animal expectation grows their inclination will grow less and less to provide food for themselves.  And their natural behavior changes.

It might be said that as we humans are taken care of by others our expectations similarly grow and we will stop acting in response to that provision.

If someone else provides our food, what is our incentive to pay for our own?  What if everything was provided by someone else?  What would our incentive be to pay for it ourselves?

To the degree we are dependent we are captive.  And to the degree we are captive we are less and less free.

And so, the declaration above uses the word "impossible."   Is it "impossible" to maintain societal freedom as more and more people become captives of the state?


What is the goal of statism?  It is 100% state!  Why?  Because that is how bureaucracy is!  The goal of the bureaucracy is to maintain the bureaucracy.  And the only way to do that is to make the bureaucracy seem more and more necessary, and important, and it grows larger.  Its size means more and more are incorporated into it to manage and sustain it, and it grows more.  AT ALL COSTS!

Has the disease of statism, which prescribes itself as the cure, ever gotten to 100%?  Look to history to see the answer to that question.  What epoch has not had it dictators and wannabe dictators?  And what have these dictators wrought for their nations and people?

And so, Mr. Pollock's statement is essentially the same as the professionals, the naturalists, who manage the national parks:


Why?  Because little by little, as their dependence grows, they will stop feeding themselves.

And that is unnatural.

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