Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Extra

"I'm putting in a double receptacle with its own 20amp circuit.  This is the front desk and they will probably need the extra coverage.  And I want them to feel like they are getting a little more for their money than they expected."

The Electrician Guy

A doctor friend of mine asked me to stop by and have a look at his new office as construction was still going on.  I did it as a favor.

The electrician was working on another receptacle but the circuitry had already been finished and wired.

When I asked him if he was putting in something previously forgotten he said, "Oh no.  This is extra and the plans don't call for it.  It just struck me that they might really need this here.  The doctor will appreciate it when I explain what this is for."

This is a small businessman, with a small company and doing what small business does best.  The company is composed of himself and his brother.  This is their bread and butter.  They want to do an exceptional job.


Because, like Adam Smith's butcher, baker and beer maker, they are operating out of self interest.  They want future business through referrals from their clients and people like me.

These brothers are their own capital, offering a service, and wanting to provide the best they can. 

They have probably not read it, but they are operating exactly as Adam Smith suggests in his 1776 book The Wealth of Nations, and in a former blog of mine.  Click here.  

The Electrician Guy doesn't need to worry about what is said about him on the consumer websites because if he does his best they will reflect it.

The Electrician Guy doesn't need to worry about being paid because if he does his best the money will come.

The Electrician Guy doesn't need to worry about schmoozing his client because he knows that what he is doing will be appreciated.

And The Electrician Guy understands that when clients feel like they are getting a little more for their money than they expected they will come back, and send others to him.

The Electrician Guy is operating out of self interest and the desire for profit.  He is a capitalist!  He is a free enterprise businessman!

I assure you that not every business I come into contact with in my business (home and commercial inspections) understands or practices what The Electrician Guy understands and practices.

How did this come out?  I returned to the doctor's office to have a look at the final product.  I asked those at the front desk about the extra receptacle there.  They loved it and were using it!  You can see in the photo that it is full of plugs.  It is convenient and, they said, they have never "blown a fuse."

Fortunately The Electrician Guy is representative of small businesses all over the place.  Those businesses that are trying hard to provide a good product, a memorable service and a great customer attitude are out there.  We need more of them!

And what did I do with The Electrician Guy?  I got his card!  And have referred him ever since. 

He did a little extra.  The very essence of free enterprise.

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